Friday, June 30, 2006

I'm excited about joining Gimme Your Stuff.

Gimme Your Stuff

I have gotten so many requests, and I'm sorry that I haven't replied to everyone. It has been really busy just keeping up with the swaps I do have! So I have decided to limit myself to one swap a month. I'm sorry if I don't get to you! If you really want to swap with me, just leave a second comment, and I'll try and get back to you!

Here's what I have to offer from wonderful Northern California:

-my handmade jewelry
-Jelly Belly jelly beans, their factory is nearby.
-San Francisco souvenirs
-Berkeley paraphernalia (nothing illegal!)
-Berkeley bowl goods (it's a famous supermarket, kinda like a Whole Foods and Trader Joe's, but BIGGER!)
-Ghiradelli and Scharffenberger chocolate (factories also nearby)
-yarn and yarn and more yarn
-California postcards
-crafting supplies
-flip flops
-Disney stuffs
-cute tote bags
>> New things to offer from Berkeley, CA (San Francisco and the Bay Area)
-Peet's Coffee
-Japanese goods and books
-Indian groceries (spices and such)
>>>Update, new possibilities
-So a new Japanese 300 yen ($1.50) store just opened up nearby! I love going there! :) Everything your heart desires!

What I'd love to receive:
-souvenir or traditional stuffs that are unique to where you are
-your favorite music
-cute buttons and pins
-I LOVE THE OCEAN anything marine (especially nudibranchs also known as sea slugs)
-Nici characters (when I was traveling around Europe I fell in love with the Nici characters, and found I couldn't get them in the US!
-bears are my favorite animal (and I love pandas and koalas as well)
-gashapon (although not any anime characters, I don't really watch any of them) so anything cute
-Cram Cream and Decole stuffs
-arts and craft books
>>New things I'd like to receive:
-Cute fabrics
-Kinder eggs! We can't get them here in the US!
-my favorite colors are blue and green, but I like light pink and purple too! And red. . .
-I'd love to get handmade items from crafters (plushes, bags, jewelry)
-I do like cute stickers, so maybe a sheet of cute stickers slipped into a package
-Not too many snacks. One or two food items in a package are plenty for me!


Gillie said...

thanks for the comment on my blog. I'd love to swap with you. A friend and I have a great yearning for Bath & Bodyworks who no longer sell in the UK. Would you be able to get hold of any of their yummy concoctions? We are quite keen on the Tropical Colada and Frozen Daquiri range or would love to try Pomegranete Martini. I can offer up Durham/UK souveniers, fun dance music (might have to consult with someone younger and funkier than me though!)craft stuff (but doubt there is anything I can get which you can't get in the US)buttons/pins, plenty of candy! It looks like you will have to find a German contact for NICI as they don't supply the UK any longer.

malin said...

OK - now I´ve found you! Yes we can do a swap! Just write me, if there´s anything Swedish in particular you want, or if I should put something together, and if we should limit the money somehow. Do write me!


benconservato said...

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Sure I'll swap with you.
I suspect all the stuff you are interested in is available in France, tell me what you think you would like in particular and I'll get to it. Tell me if you have a budget.

JRS said...

Hi Char,
It's Rachele in Japan, you left a comment on my blog the other day. What types of things are you looking for from Japan? Craft books (that seems to be the most popular request!), Japanese-y things, snacks, Sanrio...?
I am interested in yarn I can't get here, addi knitting needles, handmade goods, magazines, etc. Just let me know if there's something specific you're looking for.

JRS said...

Hi Char,
Thanks for the comment you left me a few days ago. I've been swamped; it's the end of the semester here. Sorry!

I'm not sure if I can get cramcream or decole stuff here; I know it's available in Tokyo but I won't be there again till September. I will try and check the next time I go downtown. Craft books about bags and stuffed animals are easy though, as are local souvenirs and cute buttons etc.

About what kind of $ value were you thinking for the swap? Most of the books/magazines here are in the $10-$20 range. I would be happy to get some sock yarn like Lorna's Shepherd Sock or Koigu that are impossible to get here, or some stuff from Artfibers (you said you're in the Bay Area, right?)

Also, if there are any book titles you're specifically interested in, let me know!

Sorry again for the delay in getting back to you! After the next few days pass, I will be much more together!

lizzy said...

hey would love to trade you some things from singapore for magazines. let me know!

Jenn M / muscatlove said...

Okay, I'm the slowest person in the world for catching up with comments, but I saw the comment about swapping you left in my Livejournal on July 2nd, and I don't think I ever answered you. I'd love to do a swap if you're still interested! You offered postcards/arts-crafts things, stickers, and pictures of where you're from", which sounds great! And I can definitely do 100 yen store stuff, postcards, seashells, and stickers. If you email me your mailing address if you're still interested to, I'll start making you a package from Japan. :D Thanks!

Donna said...

I have just joined Gimme your stuff and would love to swap with you if you would like to. I have great supplies of fabrics as you can see from my craft blog

Donna x

Agnetha said...

Would you be interested in doing a swap with a girl who lives in Sweden?? We have some nici stuff here and other stuff too that you mentioned on your want list. E-mail me if you are interested.


Emma said...

Hi Charlene.
Of course, we can swap. ^^
I can offer up Bordeaux souvenir, craft stuff, candy... (kinder eggs ^^ for example...) Nici stuffs, gashapons, some hand made stuffs, cute fabric... etc...
If you are okay, you can contact me by email:

salvagesistas said...

hello char,

hey i saw your list and i think i could get most of the items on ur list, especially nici stuff. i would love to swap some jelly belly jelly beans, disney stuff, cute tote bags, stationary. tell me what you wanna swap and how many items. =) visit my blog at or email me at, by the way, i am from singapore.

xoxo, ade

dimple said...

i'm from singapore!

would love to swap with you
and would try to get as many items as you want.
i would definately love to get the
items on your list.
esp disney stuff(donald duck) and craft supplies/books.

do mail me at

MELISSA said...

hello! i'm MELISSA from singapore~ & i would love love love to swap with you.
i can get Candy and snacks for you! real yummmy candies! chocolates if you love! :p Fabrics are love! so i'll definitely send love over to you. i can also get japanese magazines for you from our japanese stall in singapore!



see me at
& get em at


charlene said...

hi charlene.. i'm (also) charlene from Singapore. =) i'm new here but not featured at gimmeyourstuff yet. i'm interested in the items that u can offer and at the same time, i'm able to get the stuff that u'd love to receive. please do visit my blog at and leave a comment! hope to hear from you soon. cheers!

kellie said...

Hi Charlene!! I am a member of Gimme Your Stuff and a friend of Malin in Sweden. I love all things kawaii and Malin says you are the queen of kawaii. Will you please swap with me?? Please email me at: Thanks SO much and Happy Valentine's Day!!


Anonymous said...


I'm from Singapore, and I'd love to swap with you! :)

I can send you some cute fabrics!
And Kinder eggs, definitely :) They are one of my favourites! How about some local snacks and candies?

In return, I'd love to get some Disney stuffs, and Japanese candies if that's possible!

Hope to hear from you soon!

flanthrower said...

Looks like you're swamped with requests. I'm just in the US (Minnesota) but would still be interested in a swap. I can offer lots of things, including crafty/handmade goods. You can look here to see what I've sent and received through swaps:

charlene said...

Hello!! I'm Charlene from Singapore! It's my second time leaving a comment here. I'm d-y-i-n-g to swap with you! =)) Pls visit my blog at Thanks!
For those who are reading this, feel free to drop by and leave a comment if you wanna swap with me. Cheers!